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Teens: Save for More Than New Sneakers This Summer

Teens: Save for More Than New Sneakers This Summer

You've already decided that you're not going to repeat last summer's spending fiasco. Remember that sick feeling you had when September rolled around and you had nothing to show for your hard work...except a cool pair of shoes and a few Blu-rays. But how do you get headed in the right direction for savvy saving?

For starters, you'll be making more money than you ought to have stashed around your room, so it's smart to open a checking and savings account at Brokaw Credit Union. Next, create a savings plan. For example, set aside 50% of your earning for a long-term investment like college or a car. Set aside 10% to 20% of earnings for immediate expenses like movies and eating out; and reserve 30% to 40% for a big-ticket item you've had your eye on, such as a television or game system.

Another long-term savings option is to open a Roth IRA (individual retirement account). By investing young and letting the earnings compound over the years, you'll be amazed at how it grows. BCU can help with this endeavor.

With goals and planning, you'll have something big to show for your efforts this fall—and far into the future.

We can help you with all of your financial goals. Stop by or call today at 715-359-7012.

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RV Travel Lets You Set the Course

RV Travel Lets You Set the Course

If you're thinking of traveling when you retire, one option is to become an "RVer." 

Cost: Despite high fuel prices, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, Reston, Va., (RVIA) contends RV vacations still are less costly than staying in motels, hotels, and resorts. And RVs also present an option for "snowbirds" to winter in warmer climates.

Choice: At the low end is a lightweight pop-up camper for a mere $4,000 new, and the chart rises to a luxury motor coach starting around $250,000. Larger RVs bring more amenities and more room: multiple TVs and air-conditioners, and more slideouts.

Hitches: RVers who tow trailers favor fifth-wheel hitches—rather than bumper hitches—because there's less trailer sway on the road, and they're easier to hitch up and park.

Gas mileage: Large Class A and B motor homes require big diesel or V-10 gasoline engines that get four to 10 miles per gallon (mpg). But the RV industry touts a new economy engine where  several manufacturers said they're installing turbo diesel engines that get 17 to 19 mpg. 

Parking: For scenery and low prices, try national and state parks. You'll have more amenities at private campgrounds or RV villages than at state or national parks, but the rates go up as well. While some private campgrounds rent for $12 to $17 a day, four- and five-star villages run $35 to $50 a day or more. Some parks limit residence to people age 55 and older. And some exclusive parks don't rent space; you have to buy a lot, which in Florida can range from $49,900 to $250,000.

Before you buy: Take a trial run. Rent an RV and see how you like towing and parking it. Or, rent and stay in a stationary park-model trailer for $1,200 to $1,500 a month—about what you'd pay to rent a small condo.

Visit us here at Brokaw Credit Union to help you structure an RV or travel loan to fit your needs. We have deals on now!

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